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Planet Lockdown Interview

Updated: Apr 6

Catherine Austin Fitts is an American investment banker and former public official who served as managing director of Dillon, Read & Co. and as United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush.


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It's important to think for yourself. Do you own research.

I stumbled upon an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts back in the Spring of 2020 and was in disbelief at that time. Then, one morning last week (December 2020), this video interview was in my inbox. All I can say is WOW! It never feels good when your world is shook and turned upside down. When everything you thought you knew and believed turns out to be a lie. It feels scary and awful. But what's worse is to live in denial and ignorance. To truly find the Truth, we must be willing to hear everything. And I mean truly listen. Stop the internal dialogue of denial as you listen. With an open mind, listen from the heart, not your ego. But please listen.

As with all data and information I present to you, do your homework. Watch and listen to her and then, research what she's saying. Gather your info and then research and decide for yourself. That word 'decide' is key. Don't just accept what mainstream media or officials in suits and uniforms tell you. Take their information in, but then do your research and make your own decision on what you choose to believe.

A caution of advice, if you choose to embark on a journey of Truth, just be sure you're ready to receive it.