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3 Ways To Be A Badass Human

Updated: Apr 14

Don't we all wanna be badass?!

In 2019, I had the blessing of spending some time in the desert of Joshua Tree National Forest and let me tell you, that place is special. The topography, the wild life, the sights, and the energy. The moment you arrive and descend into its vastness, you feel as if you’re in another world. It’s breathtaking! It’s wild, unforgiving, and raw. Isolation like this has a magical way of forcing you to ‘see’ things. There’s nowhere to hide. Among several mental journeys I took while sitting in this gorgeous foreign place, one of them was…”what do I want my ripple effect to be in this world?” and“how can I be a better human?”. These questions I asked myself were beyond ‘what is my dharma, my purpose’ or ‘why am I here’. I really wanted to know how I can be a badass human! How can I help people on a daily basis? Make people feel better having been around me? The big things and projects to help humanity are wonderful and much needed. But I was seeking answers on what I can do every day countless times a day to help the world. After asking the question, I was surprised at how quickly the answer came to me and how simple it was!

Here’s what I got:

“How can I be a better human?”


We so often get mentally distracted and our attention absorbed by the dramas and movies playing in our minds that we neglect to notice the energy we present ourselves to the world with. Energy speaks louder than words or forced smiles. Be present. Be conscious. Be sure to approach every human with the spirit and energy of kindness and love.


Smiling is a gift. Think about it. What if you couldn’t smile at your children? Or your beloved? Or a friend when they gave you a gift? Smiling in and of itself is a gift! A smile sends love, happiness, acceptance, and gratitude to the Soul who receives it. Make it a point to smile at everyone as you move through your day. And I mean everyone! At a stop light, walking in/out of a store, on the street, EVERYONE! Think about the ripple effect of positive energy you’ll be creating!


Souls who are grateful for anything and everything, not only are the happiest, but are the juiciest to be around! Being around someone who is truly grateful lifts your spirits and inspires you to be more grateful. And who wouldn’t want to feel more grateful and happier?! It’s a choice. Every day find things throughout your day to be grateful for and watch how you begin to find MORE things to feel grateful for!

Seems simple right? But try applying these three ‘ways of being’and watch how you inspire happiness and love in those around you. And then of course, there’s the fact that you’ll also become a badass human!

With A Humble & Grateful Heart,


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