• Joy

Do You Still Think This Is Harmless?!

Updated: Apr 6

When will we wake up and accept what is happening?

So many believe the "tests" are harmless. For many reasons, they're not. Under no circumstances should anyone be getting a swab test. It's just not worth it.

I've provided the link to the NIH website so you can read in black and white what they say about the chemical that's on the swabs. But as always, do your own research.

Ethylene Oxide

Please watch this 10 minute video and share it far and wide.


For those who want to do more research, check out these medical sites that openly describe nano technology and its ability to easily be implanted on a cotton swab!

NANO-TECH PubMed Article

Johns-Hopkins article on medical delivery of nano-tech

How about this article linking Bill Gates to a Chinese firm discussing their collab to "mine" American's DNA through testing.