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Food Is Information

Updated: Apr 14

It has a vibrational, electrical, and chemical quality

Far too often, we don’t pause to think about what we’re putting in our mouths. The quality of the food or drink, the energy it’s providing, or the information it’s offering. Food is information. We’re either degenerating or regenerating with every bite and sip. There is no neutral.

Unfortunately, in our society of Big Pharma, Industry Agriculture and pseudo foods (food “stuff” made by man), we can no longer just look at I'm choosing nuts over chips, or an apple over a cookie as healthy. We must look at the source from which the healthier choices come from also. Did it grow is nutrient depleted dirt or nutrient rich soil? Was it made in a lab or created in a loving kitchen?

This is a passion study project of mine that I will write deeper about in future posts, but for now, know that conventionally grown foods (produce, meat, etc) actually harms our body. If it doesn't say NON-GMO, it's GMO and harming both and earth.

Our soils are depleted of nutrients and our bodies aren’t sure how to metabolize GMO’s. Not to mention, they’re killing our microbiome! And the pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides are stripping the soil of nutrients, poisoning our waters, and killing our bodies. One of my Regenerative Soil teachers, Dr. Zach Bush, says, we only have 60-70 harvests left if we don't change the way we farm immediately. That means, the earth will no longer be able to grow our food if we continue using the pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides. Again, this is a topic I will write much more about in the future, but this is why the quality of what you eat is also vitally important. You vote every day, for health or disease, with you fork. When you buy these Industry Ag foods, we’re giving the government and corporations permission to slowly poison us, all in the name of ‘cheaper food’. But it’s not real food!


So, what do you do? Choose organic. Choose locally sourced foods. Don’t buy anything that has something you can’t pronounce or know what it is on the label. If God and Gaia (Earth) made it, eat it! If it was made in a lab…DON’T!

The same food choices that are healthier for us, are also, the same ones that are kinder to the animals, the earth and don’t cause the same environmental damage

I’m actually hitting on several topics here, that to do justice, should be their own post. But I wanted to just start the dialogue of the fact the;

1) Food Is Information

2) The Source Of Your Food Matters

3) Every Bite You Take, You’re Voting

152 pounds of sugar consumed per person annually in America

I leave you with those 3 points to ponder and a challenge for you. Without changing another thing, for the next 72 hours, every bite you take, ask yourself, ‘Am I regenerating & healing my body?’ or ‘Am I harming my body?’. Remember, there is no neutral.

And now, Imma go eat my chunk of dark chocolate, which is FOR SURE regenerating body, mind, and spirit. ;)

With A Humble & Grateful Heart,


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