• Joy

Fear Is The Real Virus

Updated: Apr 6

You have a choice

Viruses are not the enemy.

You’ve been programmed. By methodical design. You’ve been programmed to fear the world around you and inside of you. You’ve been programmed to fear your body. To fear that it will ‘attack’ you when faced with a pathogen.

Fear shuts down the part of the brain that allows you to think rationally. This causes you to live in a state of reactivity and impulse. Not logic and creativity.

I can get into facts and details that you won’t find on platforms like Google, Facebook, or Youtube. Things like;

But I won’t get into all of that at this time. Maybe another day. For now, my focus is to get you to not live-in fear.

  1. To not fear viruses

  2. To not fear your body

  3. And stop fearing your human brothers and sisters!

Viruses are not the enemy. Absence of health and misinformation are.

Viruses been here for 4 billion years. They aren’t against us or we wouldn’t be here! Viruses are genetic packets of information and are not ‘live’ organisms. We ingest and absorb viruses 24 hours a day through our eyes, ears, skin, and mouth. There are 10 million times more viruses in the air than there are stars in the Universe. 50% of human genes are a direct result of viral updates (meaning our DNA is up to 50% viruses!). If viruses caused disease and wanted to kill us, we wouldn’t be here as a species! They are not the enemy.

If we’re in a state of imbalance and not healthy, our body may be overwhelmed and have a reaction to the intake of the genetic update called a virus. When we’re healthy, our body takes it in, integrates it, and most of the time we may never know. Viruses don’t cause disease or sickness, it’s our bodies reaction to it if we’re in an unhealthy state. Disease arises out of a collapse or absence of health.

Big Pharma (which now own our food system-a terrifying fact) have methodically planned and designed their agenda over the years for you to fear your body. Why? Because then you’ll look outside of you for someone to save you. And who will you look to? The one’s who planted that seed of fear, the Pharmaceutical companies! Because they have the answer, their drugs! Whether it be toxic vaccines or the countless drugs they offer, they promise to control disease (instead of healing and restoring health) if you take their magic pill. Please don’t believe them. Don’t fear your body and its communication with you. Yes, sometimes its communication is uncomfortable (colds, flus, and disease) but that’s the only way it knows to get our attention. We’re stubborn. We think we’re invincible. We assault our body daily, whether by food, drink, inactivity, stress, negative thoughts/talk or all the above. And unfortunately, we need to be hit over the head with a big ass rock to listen. And that rock will come in many forms of illness and disease. But the answer is not to then fear our body and insult and assault it with more toxic chemicals! Instead, we need to stop and listen. Clean up our food, our drink, our mind, move our body, do our homework studying natural approaches to what ails us. Food, plants, and movement are medicine and have been around for a millennium.

Don’t allow them to dehumanize us. Finally, stop fearing your brothers and sisters. We aren’t walking killer petri dishes (as they would like us to believe). It’s actually the opposite. Did you know, 7+ hugs a day reduces your flu risk by 30%?! We’re meant to gather, touch, kiss, hug, and love each other. It makes us stronger! Please stop isolating. Please stop fearing each other. Please stop fearing your body and the outside world. None of it is against you. It’s only for you.

Keep your body and mind healthy and strong through organic non-gmo food, drink, plants, herbs, reducing your stress, daily meditation and contemplation, move your body and most importantly love and gather.

If you’re interested, you can read my open letter to the Governor and health officials regarding the deleterious effects (and illegality) of wearing masks HERE.

I have always been silent on my thoughts and beliefs, intentionally keeping things ‘professional’. But I can no longer do that. I now feel strongly about having a voice and speaking my truth and am compelled to voice it as circumstances arise. It’s been a year since I deleted my social media and I have no plans of going back. My form of communication is through email. Periodically, I will send out emails on food, gardening, movement (fitness + yoga, etc), meditation, recipes, etc. I’ve also been thinking about creating a youtube with all free content and will announce its launch via email. Be sure to sign up for my email list so we can stay connected!

Choose Faith & Freedom of fear