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Updated: Apr 14

This will change your life!

I don’t remember how or why I started doing this. What I do remember is, it was over a year ago, one morning while I was sipping my cup of coffee. I had the news on, as I usually did, and felt this overwhelming need to turn it off…so I did. The first couple minutes felt, well awkward. I remember I was like, nnnkkkayyyy…so now what happen? How am I gonna what’s going on in the world? Or what the weather is supposed to be today?

Then, about half-way through my mug of hot coffee, I felt a ‘let-go’. Like my mind and body softened and I was open. Open to this new day and whatever it holds. I was like a clean slate, not being programmed by what the news was telling, what other people wanted from me in my inbox, and for sure not what I felt I should be doing, according to Instagram.

I’m a morning person so I’m always awake well before my family. And this first morning I turned the t.v. off, I remember as my family walked in, one-by-one I was hearing, “what the?”, “are you okay?”, “why are you just sitting?”. It made me realize how we all get unknowingly programed. Programed by the news, society, social media, and what people expect from us. This morning truly felt like the first day of my new way of living. Living on-purpose, with intention, and listening to my inner voice, not the voice of others.

Fast-forward about 14 months and my entire family and I have a rule that we don’t turn on any screens (including phone, computer, tv, etc) for the first 60 minutes of the day. It has become such a sacred part of our morning that during one of the most recent world scares we had going on, I broke the rule and turned the tv on CNN to see what had happened overnight. My daughter walked in and said “Why is that on? It’s so annoying!”. And she was right! We had all become so accustomed to starting our day in sacred stillness and quiet, that the sound of other people’s agendas, fears, and expectations (blaring loud commercials don’t help either!) irritates us. It puts us in a state of agitation. And this concept is real!

Most people, the moment they wake up, mindlessly grab their phones. They’re checking their inbox (other people’s agendas), their texts, and social media. This act actually releases stressor hormones, so we begin our day literally in fight-or-flight. The sad toxic thing is, we become addicted to the hormones of stress and then…we need our ‘fix’ again. So, what do we do? Thirty minutes, sixty minutes later, we check all that shish again! And now, you’re no longer running your life and living it on purpose. Instead, you’re getting through life and living someone else’s purpose. Please don’t!

Now, I encourage (and sorta challenge) you to try this for 3 weeks. The first 60-minutes of your morning, DO NOT TOUCH ANY DEVICE! That includes, tv, computer, laptop, ipad, iphone, email, social media, blah, blah, blah. And if you have to be working by 8am and need to know by 7:30 what’s going on at work. Then guess what? Get up an hour earlier than normal so that you can give yourself the first hour of your day to do what calls you. Maybe you sit outside in the brisk early morning air with your cup of coffee or tea (like I do  ). Or maybe you journal, practice asana, go for a walk, it doesn’t matter. But give yourself this sacred 60 minutes at the start of your day to live your day ON PURPOSE.

I can’t tell you how much this practice has changed my life. I’m more relaxed, less-reactive, more inspired, and definitely more productive at the end of the day! Please give this a try and then, email me and let me know how it affected your life!

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