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Is it just me, or have we become desensitized to all things? Our children grow up playing video games where they murder people for sport, we watch "thriller" movies riddled with violence & murder, I've seen videos (recently) where someone is being beaten while bystanders do nothing! I've also noticed something else in the past couple years that has had a huge uptick recently. People, of all walks of life, openly worshiping evil (and satan). What in the world are we thinking? Even if you don't believe he is real, why would you risk invoking and aligning with such darkness.

The recent music video by Lil Nas and his Nike Satanic shoe that contains a drop of human blood in the sole of the shoe (costing $1000 and only manufacturing 666 pairs) is what sparked this writing. Now, I know he says it's his way to address the ridicule and oppression he's faced because he's gay but was this the only way? I am all for combating homophobia and discrimination! I also believe we all should stand proud in who we are and speak up for the meek. But isn't there a much more positive way he could stand up for himself and others?

Here's the other reason I felt compelled to write my thoughts on this topic. Did you see what Yahoo (Honestly, Satanism Sounds Pretty Great) and ABC (ABC loves ‘Satan Shoes,’ promotes twerking with the Devil to ‘combat homophobia’) have said about this?

I feel like there's a push to make this okay and normal. Check out those articles below:

Yahoo Article

ABC Article from ABCNightline


I don't remember how I first came across the existence of the music video but I know one thing, I watched 30-45 seconds of it and had nightmares that night! Of course, my reaction my be a little more sensitive than yours but it deeply disturbed me. If you haven't seen the video, or shoe, that everyone's talking about, watch at your own risk below:

Satanic Shoe (Nike says they had nothing to do with the making of this shoe)

click image below to read more about it

Lastly, it's only fair to mention that anyone speaking their mind on all things covid, masks, vaccines, and government corruption get de-platformed yet this sh*t can stay all over every site. And actually gets endorsed and promoted! That speaks volumes.

Take nothing for granted. Question everything. Get off of mainstream media. Do your own research.

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