• Joy

Why Aren't The Climate Advocates Talking About THIS?!

This is worse than the plastic bottle crisis!

The purpose of my blog has shifted over the past few months. Originally, my intention was to share my love for movement, health real food (and soil), and all things health. I will still post on those topics but I feel an urgency to talk about the medical tyranny we're facing and to share with you all, the information I find that you won't find in the mainstream media agenda.

Here's a fantastic article from GreenMedInfo laying out the detrimental affects of masks. And not only regarding the affects on the mind and body! This article talks about what most are not addressing...the environmental impact of these toxic plastic masks.

This will take all of us, TOGETHER to stop this tyranny and to take care of this beautiful planet.

Please take the couple minutes to inform and educate yourself. You can read it HERE.