• Joy

Why Isn't Every City Doing This?!

Updated: Apr 6

Mask burning ceremony in Boise, Idaho

MASKS DON'T WORK (for blocking viruses).

However they CAN & DO:

  • Take away our humanity

  • Lead to bacterial pneumonia (according Dr. Fauci in his 2008 research paper on the Spanish Flu and mask wearing)-check my previous posts for link

  • The masks themselves contain solvents and chemicals that are toxic and you're breathing them in

  • They're a sign of virtue signaling and obedience

  • They create fear in breathing and fellow humans

  • Restrict breathing causing oxygen deprivation by up to 20%

  • Cause headaches

  • Cause confusion

  • Cause anxiety

  • Cause depression

I could go on but you get the point. I have many articles and doctor interviews on my blog about this topic. So if you're truly wanting to do your research and not blindly believe anyone, then please take the time to look at some of what I've posted. It's a drop in the hat to what's out there! So when you're done, keep searching, keep educating and empowering yourself. NO ONE will look out for your better than YOU!


In case you're still skeptical, the pore size of your mask is 1-2 orders of magnitude LARGER than the size of a viral particle. A viral particle is ~100 nanometers (what they say of covid-19) and the pore size of an N95 mask is on the order of microns or micrometers (cloth masks pore size are even larger!). What does that mean? It means masks DON'T KEEP VIRUSES OUT!

Here's a graphic I found representing the size difference. This helps to make it more tangible.