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My Letter To Governor

Updated: Apr 6

Open Letter Regarding Mask Mandate & Testing

“…wearing a mask to keep out COVID (or any virus) is like trying to keep mosquitos out using a chain-linked fence”, Dr. Rashid Buttar

This letter has been edited (of personal data) to maintain privacy for me and my family.

UPDATED November 30th 2020 (please see new updates at bottom)

Open Letter To Governor Mark Gordon,

My name is Joy and I’m writing you out of my deep concern for our health and freedom.

".....In the few weeks we’ve lived here, we’ve witnessed our rights being taken under the illusion of a deadly virus. I will try to keep this as short as possible, but I also want to provide data for credibility. Anything highlighted, underlined, or in blue font indicates a link to supporting video, site, or report."


Since August, most people have been wearing masks, yet “cases” have increased which led to a mask mandate given for Laramie County on November 2nd. This phenomenon didn’t just happen here, it happened in my home state of California. Gavin Newsom enacted a mask mandate in June, yet California hit their highest daily cases on July 25th, August 15th, and November 5th. Having lived there, I can tell you, 98% of people were following the mandate. Wouldn’t that suggest they don’t work? Or how about the fact that most in Wuhan, China were already wearing masks when the pandemic hit them? I’ve seen their ineffectiveness first-hand. A few weeks ago, I was speaking with someone who was wearing an N-95 mask and on several occasions as she spoke, I watched spit come right through her mask! As Dr. Rashid Buttar said, “…wearing a mask to keep out COVID (or any virus) is like trying to keep mosquitos out using a chain-linked fence”, it doesn’t work. Even Anthony Fauci has said “…masks may stop a droplet or two but it’s not providing the perfect protection people think it is…wearing a mask might make people feel better”. How about the opinion of White House Adviser, Scott Atlas’s, Tweet in October where he stated, "Masks work? NO.", that has since been removed citing it ‘violated Twitter Rules’. More and more professionals and officials are speaking out…and then getting censored or banned. This should cause pause and profound concern.

I’m not a doctor, scientist, or virologist but I am a concerned passionate American, so I want to share a couple things with you. You may already know that viral particles (including COVID-19) are incredibly tiny at .06-.125 microns, which means these viral particles easily enter and exit through the masks. Masks do nothing to protect from disease transmission (especially the cloth ones most people are wearing). The intention may be kind (and led by fear), but they are giving a false sense of safety and security as well as being dangerous to our health and dividing the nation into two camps.

This was stated by Occupational & Environmental Toxicologist, Kristen Meghan and Tammy Clark, OSHA Environmental Health & Safety Specialist.

Masks not only violate our civil liberties, they’re dangerous for our health. NIOSH does not approve or rate masks for this use and actually state they ‘…increase spread through fomite transmission’. In a white paper from April 2020, Denis G. Rancourt, PhD said “By making mask-wearing recommendations and policies for the general public, or by expressly condoning the practice, governments have both ignored the scientific evidence and done the opposite of following the precautionary principle”.

Studies on the health effects of mask wearing date back to the 1970’s. It’s well documented (and known by doctors who are brave enough to speak up-like the Frontline Doctors) that wearing a mask;

  • Decreases O2 by up to 20% (Acute symptoms being headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness. All of which I’ve experienced after minutes of wearing a mask!)

  • Increases CO2 (Hypercapnia)

  • Creates an acidic environment reducing immune function and potentially making one more susceptible to cancer

  • Increases the viral load we’re breathing (due to breathing our concentrated exhaled waste)

  • leads to bacterial pneumonia (stated as far back as October 2008 in a peer reviewed study Anthony Fauci was part of looking at mask wearing during the Spanish Flu)

I am extremely worried about my son, who has been forced by his employer to wear a mask for 7+ hours/day. He has suffered several of these symptoms above (even his Apple watch alerts him to “breathe” every minute or two!). I’m gravely concerned about the long-term effects he may suffer. As a parent, I’m sure you can understand my concern.

Erin Sanchez, an OSHA Officer, wrote a paper in 2010 titled Filtration Efficiency of Surgical Masks, where he stated, “…The data were statistically significant and indicated that surgical masks were associated with very low filtration efficiency. This suggests that they may be inadequate against airborne viruses and bacteria.


There’s another issue, the legality of forcing employees to wear a mask. Masks are PPE and a last resort because of their insufficiency. To suggest otherwise is revisionism. According to OSHA and it’s “sister company” NIOSH, NIOSH must test and approve all PPE (see CFR1910.134). In addition, according to OSHA, it is illegal to require an employee to wear a mask without first conducting a medical exam to ensure the person’s cardiopulmonary system can tolerate wearing one. Then there’s the training on application, removing, fit, etc. that legally needs to be done.

It’s important to note, even if you’re just sitting wearing a mask, you’re O2 level is decreased by up to 20% (this goes up if you’re talking, moving, etc.). Taking all of this into consideration with the health risks, not only do I think it’s incredibly dangerous to have a blanket mask mandate, but it also violates our individual liberty, freedom, and health. I believe in the years to come, we will see increased rates of cardiopulmonary, cardiovascular disease and even cancer due to this reckless and senseless mandate (and probable lawsuits). All for a virus that has a combined death rate of .026% (using the CDC’s inflated numbers from false positive tests and orders to mark all deaths as COVID-19). Why are we risking our freedom and health for a virus that is far less deadly (or severe) than the yearly flu?


The Wyoming Public Health Order cited ‘…This mandate is a response to skyrocketing cases of COVID-19 in Laramie County’. We must consider the role that vast amount daily testing has on Wyoming’s “skyrocketing” cases of COVID-19. Not only that, but I would also ask-What test are you using for the PCR test for COVID and do you know how many cycles that test is using? This makes all the difference! Even Luminex (one of the top 4 PCR tests being used in the U.S.) states that its Aries PCR Test is using 45 cycles! At 45 cycles the test gives a 100% FALSE POSITIVE result. If you’re going to allow a test to dictate a mask mandate that strips away our rights and health, I would hope that you at least know the cycles at which the test is testing and ensuring that it’s not being over amplified therefor inaccurate. Even Anthony Fauci is on video stating that anything over 36 cycles on a PCR test will always turn up false positive! You can see that clip HERE. You can see the full video with related articles HERE.

In this country (and world-wide), we are locking people down, arresting and fining those not wearing a mask (even outdoors!), asking citizens to police and shame each other if they don’t follow the agenda and ‘mask up’ and for what? For a virus whose risk and death rate is far less than the annual flu. You have a higher chance of getting hit by a car crossing the street than you do of dying with COVID-19 (notice I said with not of).

Let’s also not forget that we wouldn’t be here as a species without viruses! Our human genome is comprised of 50-60% viruses. Babies don’t develop any immunity until after the first week of life. If viruses killed us, we wouldn’t be here! None of this makes sense. We moved to Wyoming because of its beauty, people, and freedom. After talking to countless people, I can tell you I’m not alone in my feelings and beliefs. So many of us are disappointed in those we’ve elected and who are supposed to represent us. ........I don't want to live in a world of fear, shame, distrust, and tyranny. I’m a hopeless optimistic and believe in the power of connection, honesty and community.

With A Humble & Grateful Heart,

Joy Arnold

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